Other scholarships

Alternative scholarship opportunities

IMIM greatly welcomes applicants with other sources of funding. In fact, because EMJMD scholarships are limited to 13-15 per year for the first three cohorts, it is essential that all applicants consider all funding opportunities available to them. 

Some suggestions

IMIM is an international programme with EIT Health label. Graduates receive their degree from three of the most renowned European Top-100 universities. And in addition receive an EIT Health certificate. Governmental scholarship agencies may therefore consider to fund highly motivated and excelling applicants to IMIM. Still, you will most likely find that obtaining a scholarship is no small feature. Below, we list some suggestions for external scholarships. If you have been offered a place in the IMIM programme, the central IMIM coordination will be more than happy to assist you in the application procedure of external scholarships where possible.

  • CONACYT, Mexico
  • Colfuturo, Colombia
  • CSC, China
  • LPDP, Indonesia
  • Becas Chile/CONICYT, Chile
  • PRONABEC, Peru
  • Netherlands Fellowship Programme
  • SENESCYT, Ecuador

We advise you to also use your network of fellow students, compatriots and knowledge about funding opportunities in your country of origin when looking for alternative scholarships. Via their websites, the different partner universities also offer several suggestions.