Student Mobility

Student Mobility

Mobility is a key feature of the IMIM programme. IMIM students will spend a year studying at each of two of the European partner universities. They are also offered the opportunity to apply for a fourth semester placement to carry out a research project at one of IMIM’s Latin American partner universities or one of IMIM’s private sector or industry partners. Generally speaking, IMIM students will spend their first and third semesters taking courses, and the second and fourth semesters undertaking research projects or research internships.

IMIM Joint events

In addition to this mobility per year, the IMIM cohort will all come together at the three different European universities on several occasions during the two-year programme.

Firstly, the entire cohort will take part in a joint welcoming and introduction event, which will take place over a number of days in Uppsala (Sweden). Following the completion of their first semester, the students will then participate, again as an entire group, in the IMIM Spring School, which focuses on personal development, and which will take place at Heidelberg University (Germany). Before entering their third semester, students will take part in the Industrial Perspectives on Innovative Medicine (IPIM) Summer School, which will take place annually in Groningen (The Netherlands) and focuses on entrepreneurial and business skills. Finally, the cohort will all come together for a joint graduation ceremony on their completion of the four semesters and 120 ECTS.

Mobility Paths

Please visit this page for an overview of available mobility paths within the IMIM programme.