Application and Reference Form

Application Form

Your Application Form can be downloaded on the right. This is one of the obligatory documents you need to submit in the IMIM online application system. Note that some of the information you provide in this form you also need to submit separately in the IMIM online application system.

Reference Form

Referees provide important feedback to the IMIM admission board about your talents. All references are confidential and should be sent to us directly by the referees.

Who are my referees?
Anybody who can supply us with detailed information on your capabilities, motivation and background can be considered a potential referee, provided that this person only has had a professional relation with you (e.g. professors, lecturers, (thesis)supervisors, employers). It is advisable to select referees that are able to discuss your capabilities in fields relevant to the master programme.

How do I submit details about my referees?
It is your responsibility as an applicant to make sure that the referees actually send us their references before the application deadline. On the application form, you are required to fill out details for at least two referees. To match the references with your application, it is very important that the referee’s email address you provide is actually the email address from which your referee sends us the reference form.

How do my referees submit their feedback?
Please provide your referees with the reference form which can be downloaded on the right of this page (please make sure the form is first downloaded, saved and then opened in Adobe before filling it out; filling it out in your web browser often causes filled out details to remain unsaved). Your referees then send the filled out form to mentioning your full name in the subject bar (this is possible from 1 October 2016 onwards). If the email has been received successfully, your referee will receive an automatic reply from this email address. (When the application deadline has passed, we will use the referee’s email address provided by you to track the reference form that was sent, which is why it is important the email address provided and the address used by the referee are the same).

Please note: Due to the very large number of applications and references received, it is unfortunately not possible to actively correspond about the receipt of reference forms. You may want to ask your referee to forward the above mentioned automatic reply confirming receipt of their email to you.