Application procedure

Application and selection procedure

Upon the closing of the application deadline, a first evaluation of applications will take place. This evaluation is to see if the students meet the minimal required general level of education. Applications that are sufficient on level of education will be ranked on general level of previous education, compatibility of previous education with the IMIM curriculum, motivation, research experience, references etc.

The files of the students that passed the first eligibility check will be reviewed by the following criteria:

Scoring on selection criteria (see comment in cells below for % per criterion)



Grades in relevant subjects (0-100)



Research (incl. degree projects) and relevant job experience) (0-100)



Entrepreneurial attitude (taking intiative, independence, extracurricular activities) (0-100)



Recommendation letters (0-100)



Motivation letter (0-100)





The applicants scoring highest in this ranking will be invited to participate in a (Skype) selection interview. It is expected these interviews will take place in the first half of March. Preparing an assignment - to be received with the selection interview invitation - will be a compulsory part of the selection interview. The interview will then be evaluated with regards to the assignment, presentation thereof, motivation, scientific aptitude etc. The most qualified students will be offered a place in the IMIM programme. The outcome of this procedure is expected to be communicated toward the end of March/beginning of April.

The Skype interviews will be reviewed by the following criteria:

Criteria Weight %
Quality of Interview 35
Quality presentation of previous undergraduate/graduate research project 35
Quality presentation assignment 15
Compliance with assignment guidelines 5
Communication and presentation skills 10

In case of withdrawal of a student that has been offered a place - and, if applicable, a scholarship - in the programme, the next student in the ranking scheduled to start at the same partner university as the student that has withdrawn will be offered the place - and, if applicable, the scholarship. This ensures an equal division of students among the partner universities as well as a proper match between the applicants' educational background and the 1st host university.


The application procedure for enrolment in IMIM per September 2019 opened in October 2018. The deadline for this application round is set at 13 January 2019 (23:59p.m. CET). 

The above mentioned deadline applies to all IMIM applicants. 

In your online application, you can indicate whether you would also like to be considered for an IMIM EMJMD scholarship.

Please note: Only complete applications that have been submitted by the application deadline can be taken into consideration. Applications will be checked for completeness after the application deadline has passed. Before that time, due to the considerable number of applications received, it is unfortunately not possible to inform individual applicants that have submitted their application whether their application is in fact complete. We therefore advise you to carefully read our information on required application documents.

Any applications that are found to be incomplete after the deadline has passed cannot be evaluated and are therefore taken out of the selection procedure. If applicable, the applicants concerned will be informed about this in due time.

The aim of the IMIM programme is to select approximately 21 students per intake. The exact number of students to be selected per intake is decided upon at the discretion of the IMIM consortium and depends on the number and quality of applications received. The selection of IMIM students is done on the basis of a ranking of applications and, subsequently, selection interviews. 

Selection and 1st EU IMIM host university

IMIM students spend their first year of the two-year master programme at the European partner university that is the best fit given their specific knowledge and experience. When offered a place as an IMIM student, you will be placed at one of these European partners in accordance with your educational background and experience. In the application procedure, you can of course indicate at which university you would prefer to start the IMIM programme. This personal preference will be accommodated where possible and if deemed practicable and appropriate by the IMIM Board of admissions. This admission board will then take the final decision on the first host-university of each IMIM student and, in doing so, create the best learning environment for all.

The following will act as general guidelines when offering IMIM students a place at a specific European partner university:

  • University of Groningen: graduates of biochemistry, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences.
  • Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg: graduates of medicine and dentistry.
  • Uppsala University: graduates of biomedicine, medicine, pharmacy, civil engineering or biology or international education giving corresponding relevant knowledge in chemistry, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology and molecular genetics; previous experience with laboratory work also required.