Associated Partners


IMIM's official associated partners are eight private sector companies. They will be involved in the IMIM curriculum, through the supervision of students, placement for student internships, participation in the Industry Perspectives on Innovative Medicine summer school, and other related activities. Furthermore, IMIM also counts with the support of two important organisations that deal with modernisation processes for international education and research: the Tuning Academy and ORPHEUS.


Private Partners

The following private partners are official associated partners of IMIM:

Sector: Pharma & Biotech

  • Sanofi-Aventis: one of the world largest Pharma and Biotech companies transforming cutting-edge research into novel care solutions, in particular diabetes, oncology, vaccines and rare diseases
  • Boehringer Ingelheim: research-driven pharmaceutical company focused on new medicines for the treatment of, in particular, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and diabetes. Expertise relevant to performing studies in humans and/or with human material
  • PRA Health: leading global clinical trial organisation; high quality expertise in a.o. biomarker analysis relevant to performing studies in humans and/or with human material
  • QPS: Contract research; evaluation of new drugs in both pre-clinical and clinical development including regulatory services, with high quality expertise in a.o. biomarker analysis and performance of human clinical studies
  • Syncom: Contract research in medicinal chemistry in combination with in house drug discovery research

Sector: Drug Delivery Services

  • InnoCore: Innovative solutions in developing tools and methods of drug delivery

Sector: Diagnostics

  • IQ Products: SME developing in-house innovative diagnostics, including production and worldwide sales
  • ABL: Diagnostic company (SME) with an international market with specialised expertise in bioanalysis and in vitro assays

Sector: Food & Nutrition

  • DSM Nutrition: Number one in the world in production and sales of vitamins and other nutritional products with a strong interest in research on food and health


Advisory Bodies

The two organisations that are advisory to IMIM and the development of its curriculum are the Groningen-based Tuning Academy and ORPHEUS.

  • The Tuning Academy provides an international platform for discussions on the modernisation of higher education, with the ultimate goal  to bring international education systems in line with the European standards for competence-based learning and quality assurance, in order to facilitate international mobility and study recognition, with a particular focus on programme relevance for the labour market.
  • ORPHEUS (the Organisation of PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System) has set quality requirements for the research environment and defined standards for admission policy (competitive and transparent processes) and research supervision. The Collaboration with ORPHEUS will help ensure a smooth transition to doctoral studies for IMIM graduates.