Learning Line: From Bench to Bedside and Back

From Bench to Bedside and Back

As an IMIM student, in each of the four semesters you will participate in the From Bench to Bedside and Back (BBB) Learning Line curriculum. The BBB Learning Line comprises a total of 16 ECTS (4x4) in courses, as detailed in the diagram below. In addition, you will participate in a BBB IMIM spring and Summer School (2 ECTS each), which all IMIM students of the same cohort will attend together. The BBB Learning Line is an important aspect of the integrated IMIM curriculum at each of the partners, providing added value to the individual universities' master programmes.




Of the 30 ECTS taken each semester, 4ECTS will thus be as part of BBB project work. You will undertake BBB activities together as part of one of the three Learning Communities established during the cohort’s joint IMIM introduction week. Sometimes BBB is integrated in an existing course, sometimes it is a course on its own, depending on the curriculum’s structure at the partner university you are attending.

Each Learning Community will consist of a combination of students who start their IMIM programme at different partner universities and come from different backgrounds. This set-up aims at fostering interdisciplinary exchange enabling you and your fellow students to learn from and build on each other’s knowledge and experiences at the different partner universities. Each Learning Community will be assigned a BBB coordinator from one of the European partner universities. Under the guidance of this coordinator, you will ‘meet’ with your Learning Community on a regular basis via Skype to work on your BBB projects. Given the broad area of topics that are covered by the BBB field, this learning line is an excellent opportunity to put your own signature on your IMIM curriculum and experience!