First year in Groningen

University of Groningen

By choosing for the University of Groningen, you choose for an university that enjoys an international reputation as a leading European research university. About 18% of all its students are from abroad, and on a PhD level this percentage rises to nearly 50%. Groningen can be found in the top-100 of the major world university rankings.

Most of the biomedical research of the University of Groningen takes place at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). It is the second-largest teaching hospital in the country and has an annual research output of about 2,000 scientific articlesand 180 PhD theses defenses. The UMCG accounts for about 40% of all the research carried out at the University of Groningen. Master and PhD students at the UMCG receive their degree from the University of Groningen. Have a look at the UMCG Research Portfolio to see whether we have expertise in your area of interest!

Study Programme

First semester Credits Second semester Credits
Top Class I: Recent developments in medical, biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences 11 Research project 30
Top Class II: Modern Techniques in medical, biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences 9 Spring school: Personal Development 2
BBB1 4 BBB2 4

Please note: The IMIM coordination reserves the right to make amendments to the above mentioned course lists should this be required, e.g. in terms of the partner universities ability to issue the required double degree certificates. In case of different options, the courses/modules selected may still have to be approved by the local and/or central examination committee(s).