Second year in Uppsala

Study Programme*

Second year Credits
BBB Summer School Industrial Perspectives on Innovative Medicine 2
Regenerative Medicine (MM) 7.5
Research project incl. BBB3 15
OR Research project (MR) incl. BBB3 instead of the three above mentioned modules 30
Semester 4 Master Degree project_IMIM incl. BBB4 30

*The Uppsala University is in the process of making final adjustments to ensure that the maximum mandatory number of ECTS for each semester does not exceed 30. Final adjustments to the ECTS distribution as indicated here are thus to be expected.


Please note: The IMIM coordination reserves the right to make amendments to the above mentioned course lists should this be required, e.g. in terms of the partner universities ability to issue the required double degree certificates. In case of different options, the courses/modules selected may still have to be approved by the local and/or central examination committee(s).