Spring and Summer Schools


Each cohort of students will also participate in the IMIM Spring and Summer Schools as part of the joint IMIM curriculum. These schools provide an important added value to traditional academic curricula in biomedical sciences, as they focus on the students' acquisition of entrepreneurial skills and soft skills.


IMIM Spring School

Following the completion of their first semester, the students, together as an entire cohort, will participate in the IMIM Spring School. The Spring School focuses on the students' personal development and growth and their acquistion of soft skills. This school is planned to take place annually in Heidelberg. The first edition of this School will take place in Spring 2017.


Industry Perspectives on Innovative Medicine (IPIM)

The IPIM Summer School will be held during the summer period in Groningen, with the aim of teaching students about private sector priorities and the societal impact of their research, in order to help them to become fully equipped translational researchers. IPIM provides participants with a unique opportunity to learn from different speakers from the private sector (e.g. Pharma, Drug Development, Biotech, Diagnostics and Food & Nutrition), as well as experts in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property Rights, and Research Funding. For more information about the IPIM summer school, please click here.