IMIM Spring Schools

Each cohort of students will participate in the IMIM Spring School in Heidelberg focusing mainly on soft skills. From 2018 onward, the IMIM Spring School also includes a day that is dedicated to industry and innovation. Please see the Industry and Innovation Day 2018. 

The complete IMIM consortium meets during the Spring School for the yearly management meetings. Thus, during the weekend, the IMIM management from all EU and the four Latin American partner universities will be present to coordinate the students’ mobility, work on the curriculum and discuss the applications from students wishing to start for the next intake. This also provides a unique opportunity for students and management to interact.

IMIM Spring School

Following the completion of their first semester, the students, together as an entire cohort, will meet in Heidelberg. The IMIM Spring School focuses on the students' personal development and growth and their acquisition of soft skills. Topics of workshops and lectures usually include constructive communication, giving and receiving feedback, conflict management, team roles, team development and team work as well as a workshop on leadership.

During the weekend, first year students will also have the opportunity to learn about their mobility options, discuss their ideas with members of the management and get to know each other.

On Sunday, student representatives will be able to join committee meetings and a panel discussion on career perspectives. Usually the event ends with a social event.


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