Industry & Innovation Day 2018

Industry & Innovation Day 2018

For the first time in 2018 the IMIM Spring School Saturday was dedicated to industry and innovation and joined by second year IMIM students. With the support of EIT Health contributors from Roche Diagnostics, Merck KgaA, Hummingbird Diagnostics and ChecaMed were invited, bringing insights from large, medium-sized and small industries. Events included workshops on bringing an idea to the market and how to give persuasive presentations, as well as an “Industry from the Inside” panel and a poster session. Please find more information about our very well received speakers here.

The idea behind the In & Inno Day is to facilitate the interaction between IMIM students and the industry in an informal setting. During the “Industry from the Inside” session industry representatives gave short talks to provide a perspective on their work and company activities. The industry representatives discussed potential cooperation with IMIM and EIT Health, networked with the students during the Poster Session and breaks to at some point potentially recruit a talented student for an internship in their company.

The Industry and Innovation Day was also open for external medical, biomedical and life sciences master students and several students from other MSc. and PhD program joined for the day. With the generous contribution of EIT Health alumni some students also received reimbursement for their travel expenses.


Please read a Press Release written by one of the second year organizers, Alejandra Duque Jaramillo. You can find it as a download at the bottom of this page (see Documents to Download).


Impressions of the 2018 Industry and Innovation


More than 90% of the participants found the Industry and Innovation Day beneficial for their future career:


 “Everything was well organized. I liked the diversity of lectures and working activities, seeing things from “inside the industry” perspective. Thanks for everything!”


“Genious idea to organize the round table session “career paths”. Good distribution of speakers with different paths! It helped me a lot”


“Great initiative to organize the In & Inno Day! Without this day the Spring School would feel incomplete.”


“Very well organized. I liked that there were different companies and that different people (personalities) presented it. This means that also in industry a large variety of people work and get a nice career. Thanks for a great day.”


“Great career session, love to hear it next year. What I learned is, that it is different for everyone and that this is ok. Things can always change in the course of your life and that is ok, too.”


The IMIM program and the Industry and Innovation Day supported by EIT Health are happy to invite industry representatives from biotech, biopharma and biomedical start-up companies interested in cooperating with IMIM during the Industry and Innovation Day 2019. You will have the opportunity to present your company, potentially recruit a talented student for an internship and explore the possibilities of contributing to the IMIM program. For more information please contact:

Documents to Download