Industry & Innovation Day 2019

The second Industry & Innovation Day, organized by the International Master in Innovative Medicine (IMIM) in Mannheim, was energizing!

More than 80 participants from universities, companies and entrepreneurship organizations spent their time networking, learning and finding new opportunities.

Dr. Gitte Neubauer, VP and Head of Cellzome, kicked-off the event with a talk on her journey from Start-up to big pharma integration. The innovative startup center CUBEX⁴¹  presented their ongoing projects as well as what is needed for the growth of a business in the medical technology sector. Colin Bennett convinced everyone on how to really “Persuade with a Presentation”, and students immediately started employing their new networking insights from Lenka Kyjacova’s “Intentional Networking” talk.  During the “Industry from the Inside” and “Career Perspectives” Sessions, participants heard from Robert Klein, Shan-Hua Chung, and Allan Jones (Roche), Stefan Sieber (Merck), Sylwia Sekula-Neuner (, Wei Wang (GeneWerk), Felix Franz (, Anna Pryszlak (Velabs Therapeutics), Mona Malek Mohammadi (Heidelberg University), Jagadeesh Gandla (EIT Health), Rachel Coulthard-Graf (EMBL), and Christine Mayer (Wiley VCH) what it is like to work in a company, SME or a Start-up, but also how to build a career in academia and beyond. 

During the Poster Session, students learned about BioRN, the Rhein-Neckar area life-science cluster, from Annalisa Zuccotti and got advice from the experienced Design Thinking and Business Model Innovation coach Georg Fischer (SAP).

Our thanks goes not only to IMIM, Heidelberg University, the Medical Faculty Mannheim, EIT Health and EIT Health Alumni for supporting the event, but also to all of the motivated participants who turned our weekend into an uplifting experience for all!

Impressions of the 2019 Industry & Innovation Day:

Your feedback is important for us! Around 90% of the participants found the Industry and Innovation Day beneficial for their future career:

“I really enjoyed the meeting; I wish I could have stayed longer. I think you have a potential there and the meeting will grow and attract more interest.” Speaker from Industry from the Inside session

“In & Inno was amazing!!! The talks were inspiring and fantastic in general. Thank you very much for organizing this event! I wish we had more time to get to know everyone better.”

“I absolutely loved the last 2.5 days. The networking sessions around the seminar on presentation completely opened me to a new perspective.”

“All talks were very helpful and valuable. Also with the breaks so you could speak to the speakers… I really got new insights and new great connections. Fantastic event!”

“I really enjoyed all of the talks. I think they were all very relevant to us at this point in our careers.”

“I would like to than everyone for the eye-opening and inspiring program.”

“I really enjoyed the entire weekend and especially the speakers. They had lovely insights and useful tips. I also really liked the Networking Session and believe it will be useful.”

The IMIM program and the and the Industry and Innovation Day supported by EIT Health are happy to invite industry representatives from biotech, biopharma and biomedical start-up companies interested in cooperating with IMIM during the Industry and Innovation Day 2020. You will have the opportunity to present your company, potentially recruit a talented student for an internship and explore the possibilities of contributing to the IMIM program. For more information please contact: