Industry and Innovation Day Speakers 2018

Georg Fisher - Innovation Coach and Mentor with

Georg is a passionate business professional with a proven track record in the successful delivery of global projects and programs, being responsible for all phases from inspiration to market delivery. He has an open mind and great passion for change and new opportunities. Georg is a coach, trainer, speaker and project manager for Innovation Management leveraging Business Modell Innovation and Development as well as Design Thinking. As a business coach and mentor, he is globally supporting Start-ups and Enterprises who have a strong social and environmental focus.

Frank Rust - Partner & Managing Director - SOMMERRUST GmbH

As an Innovation Consultant, Frank always aims for the sweet spot at which viability, technological possibilities and customer needs meet. He is the co-founder of SOMMERRUST, a new consultancy that focuses on business model innovation and transformation for established companies. Together with his co-founder, Frank has developed a user-centric methodology that uses both classic strategic management and Start-Up tools as well as Design Thinking in order to create innovations that deliver real value to the customer. Previously, Frank worked several years as a Design Thinking Coach and Solution Architect for SAP.

Colin Bennett Presentation Coach, Flames a Mile High

The past 25 years as a teacher, trainer, and coach I’ve come to see that presentations are really about one thing: how to engage your audience – to get and keep their attention, to generate belief, to inspire action. I’ve worked with people in all sorts of fields from advertising to academia, e-commerce to engineering, finance to pharmaceuticals.  My clients have engaged their audiences to win investment and funding, win awards, and give speeches at the G8 Summit.  I’d be happy to help you engage your audience too.