I am not a student of one of the IMIM partners, can I still apply?

Yes, you can! IMIM application is open for the best and most motivated students from all over the world! Read more about our admissions procedure here.

How do I submit my academic references?

You are responsible for submitting all IMIM application documents via our Online Application System, except for the two obligatory references, which have to be send directly by your referees. Nevertheless, as an applicant you are responsible for ensuring that the references are send to us before the application deadline. Please carefully read the information on how to submit the references on this page.


I will study at two different universities, but who do I pay?

As an IMIM student without a scholarship, you pay your participation fees to the Coordination at the University of Groningen. The Coordination then distributes the fees among the partners in accordance with the numbers of students hosted. Therefore, you will only deal with Groningen in regards to tuition and related costs, and not with individual partners.